Litigation support

At some time, businesses will find themselves taking legal action against, or defending legal action by, other parties.  Prior to taking legal action, a business may also have attended mediation.

Leading up to litigation and mediation, a large quantity of information must be collected and collated.  The Litigation Support division of the Dobbie Services group has been involved in providing assistance in collecting and collating information for mediation and litigation undertaken and defended by a variety of litigants.

These litigants have been involved in a variety of legal actions ranging from disputes relating to “fair value” on disposal of businesses to “frustration” of contracts for the supply of services to the Sydney Olympic Games.

Our personnel are legally trained and use “state of the art” information technology to collect and collate information.  In addition, they have provided “facilitator” services to businesses involved in litigation.  Those services involve the management of the litigation process and the parties involved in the process such as legal advisers and other professional advisers.  Our customers have found this service to be invaluable as they do not have the internal resources nor skills to undertake this responsibility.

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