Government assistance

The Australian State and Federal government offers financial and other assistance to Australian businesses.  To obtain the benefit of this assistance, businesses are often required to prepare detailed applications.  Dobbie Services offers an application preparation services for the following types of government assistance:

Export Market Development Grants

For a number of years, the Federal government has been offering Export Market Development Grants (“EMDG”) to Australian companies that incur expenditure in the development of export markets for their products ands services.

As the years have passed, the government has perceived “weakness” in the grant process and has increased the burden on business when applying for the grants.

With our substantial experience in the preparation of grant applications, we can make the grant preparation process as painless as possible for your business.

Don’t hesitate and apply for a grant NOW! The Government wants to provide financial help to your business. Take advantage of the support.

Research & Development Grants

An R&D Tax Offset is available to small companies at a rate of 45%, and to larger companies at a a rate of 40%, of particular Research & Development expenditure.

The rules determining whether expenditure is eligible Research & Development expenditure and whether a taxpayer is eligible to claim the tax offset in relation to that expenditure is complex and great care must be taken to ensure claims are correctly calculated and substantiated.

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